Information Text on Processing Personal Data


  • This Information Text on the Processing of Personal Data ("Information Text"), as YNC Otel İşletmeleri Ve Turizm Anonim Şirketi - Forever Club Otel ("Company"), in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK") numbered 6698, as a data controller, within the framework of Article 10 titled "Data Supervisor's Obligation to Disclosure" and article 11 titled "Rights of the Relevant Person" in the KVKK; for what purpose your personal data will be processed, to whom and for what purpose your processed personal data can be transferred, the method of collecting your personal data, the legal reason and other rights listed in Article 11 of the KVKK and to obtain your consent in the following matters.


  • We attach importance to protecting the privacy and security of the personal data you provide to us. Accordingly, we take the necessary technical and administrative security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized access, damage, loss or disclosure.


For What Purposes Do We Collect Your Data?


  • The Company processes your personal data that you have shared through the website and other channels included in this disclosure text, limited to the purposes specified in this disclosure text.


  • The company's full address is Kumbahçe, Atatürk St. No: 187, 48400 Bodrum / Muğla Tax No: 9040801810. In terms of KVKK, the Company operates in the capacity of "Data Supervisor".


  • When you visit the Company website and / or share your personal data with the Company for the purposes of processing specified in this disclosure text, you are deemed to have been informed about the provisions in this disclosure text.


  • Your collected personal data can be processed by the Company for the following purposes, in accordance with the basic principles stipulated by the Law and within the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law:                       


  1. Receiving and evaluating suggestions for the improvement of business processes and the service we offer,


  1. Execution of customer or visitor relations management processes,


  1. Being able to distinguish between our visitors by your name and surname in line with the conduct of communication activities and the follow-up of requests and complaints,


  1. Responding to all kinds of questions and complaints regarding our services and activities by classifying them based on the question heading you ask,


  1. Responding to all kinds of questions and complaints regarding our services and activities, by conducting our internal investigations specific to the information you have communicated to us, in the most appropriate way for your request,


  1. Completion of the reservation process,


  1.  To work on the fulfillment of additional services and requests you request during your reservation,


  1. Carrying out the necessary work by our relevant business units for the realization of the commercial activities carried out by the company and carrying out the related business processes,


  1. Planning and execution of the commercial and / or business strategies of the company,


  1.  Ensuring the legal, technical and commercial-business security of the Company and the persons who have a business relationship with the Company,


  1. To fulfill the obligations undertaken in accordance with the contracts we have concluded in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, to be able to fulfill our legal obligations and to use our rights arising from the current legislation,


  1. To be able to provide information to public officials on public security issues upon request and in accordance with legislation,


  1. To be used as evidence in disputes that may arise,


  • As a company, in the capacity of Data Supervisor, the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK") numbered 6698, the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No.6502, the Turkish Penal Code No.5237, the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and the Within the framework of our legal obligations arising from the Law on Combating Crimes and the relevant secondary legislation, the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the relevant secondary legislation and without limitation all relevant legislation and in order for our customers to benefit from our services; If you share your personal data (Name-Surname, TR Identity Number, Passport Number, Year of Birth, E-mail address, Telephone number, Address information, Information obtained through cookies, Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV code) to your express consent, Based on this, our company will be able to obtain, save, preserve, update and reorganize personal data in order to continue its services, disclose, transfer, transfer, share to third parties where and to the extent permitted by the legislation, and process it by taking the necessary administrative and technical measures in other ways permitted by law.
  • During the reservations you have made to the Company or during the accommodation process, your special health data, which you have submitted to us with your own consent within the scope of special requests and services, will be processed with the aim of providing service within the scope of your satisfaction, and only the protection of public health, preventive medicine, foreseen in Article 6 of KVKK and the execution of medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, within the scope of confidentiality obligation and authorized public institutions and organizations.


What personal data we collect about you, in what ways do we collect it?

  • Personal data provided directly by you: All information and documents you transmit to us.


  • Personal data collected from third parties about you: Information and documents collected from institutions and organizations with which the company cooperates or from contracted vendors, the General Directorate of Security, Risk Center.


  • Your personal data that we collect through cookies and similar technologies can be collected in written, verbal or electronic media, automatically or non-automatically, through our company's call center, the Company and / or contracted institutions (websites) and other similar channels, provided that it is in compliance with the Law.


With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Data?


Our company, based on the express consent of the customers or in other cases stipulated in article 5 / f.2 of the KVKK and in the framework of the security and confidentiality principles specified in the KVKK, our company provides services to our customers. shares them with the following people in order to offer opportunities and opportunities and increase the service quality;


  • To banks that we cooperate with or receive services to fulfill the necessary contract and contract obligations,
  • In order to carry out our business processes in accordance with the law and our other legitimate interests, and to exercise our right to defend in a possible judicial process; lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and other third parties from whom we receive consultancy services,
  • In order to fulfill our legal obligations; To regulatory and supervisory institutions and relevant official institutions such as courts and enforcement offices and other public institutions or organizations authorized to request your personal data, provided that they are in compliance with the law and procedure,
  • In order to fulfill your requests; your attorneys and representatives authorized by you.


What Are Your Rights?


  • It is important that the personal data we hold about you are accurate and up to date. Therefore, please let us know when there is a change in your personal data. Otherwise, we declare that we will not be responsible for any inaccuracies in the data we keep in our systems. Without prejudice to the conditions stipulated in article 28 of KVKK titled "Exceptions", your rights within the framework of article 11 of the Law;


By applying to our company, about your personal data;

a) learning whether it has been processed,

b) If your personal data has been processed, to request information regarding this,

c) learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether it is used appropriately,

ç) To know the third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred domestically or abroad,

d) request correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,

e) To request the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law,

f) to request the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred to be notified of the transactions made pursuant to paragraphs (d) and (e) above,

g) Object to the occurrence of a result against you due to the analysis of your personal data exclusively with automated systems and

 ğ) In the event that you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of your personal data, you have the right to demand the compensation of the damage.


  • You must submit your applications and requests regarding your rights within the scope of the law in writing with the application form, which you can access from the application form (link will be added) link on our website www.foreverclub.com.tr .

             You can submit your application to us using one of the following channels:

  1. Together with the application form and documents confirming your identity, Kumbahçe, Atatürk St. No: 187, 48400 Bodrum / Muğla, you can apply to our company in person.
  2. You can send the application form to our company through a notary,
  3. You can send your application form signed with your secure electronic or mobile signature to the e-mail address of our company (registered e-mail address will be written)
  4. You can send your application form to our e-mail address via the e-mail address you have previously notified to our company and registered in our systems (registered e-mail address will be written)
  5. You can apply to us by means of another method determined / determined by the Board and other procedures specified in the Law and related legislation, by performing identification and confirmation procedures.
  • The User / Users / Data Sharing Persons have read the Information Text on the Processing of Personal Data and the Personal Data Protection Policy stated above on our Company's website and in their physical environment, before they take action under the Personal Data Protection Law, They irrevocably acknowledge, declare and undertake that the contents on the website / physically provided and all electronic / physical media and computer / archive records belonging to our Company will be deemed as definitive evidence in accordance with Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure.