Unlimited Tastes on a Flavor Journey

What about Gastronomy?

In addition to our outdoor restaurant with a capacity of 350 people and an indoor restaurant with a capacity of 300 people, where you can enjoy 3 meals of open buffet food overlooking the sea, our fast food restaurant by the pool is at your service all day long. We recommend that you make a reservation at our A La Carte restaurants where you can taste Italian delicacies and seafood.

Along with the Monachus Cafe, where you can enjoy the magnificent view 24 hours a day, and the Pool Bar, which is the center of evening animations, Forever Club has 4 bars where you can have pleasant moments by sipping your delicious drinks. The Snack Bar by the pool is open until 17:00.

Main Restaurant

Our open buffet restaurants, where you can benefit from 3 meals as self-service, serve in open areas with a capacity of 350 people and indoor areas with a capacity of 300 people. If you wish, our friends working in the service area will be happy to assist you with your drink orders.

A La Carte Italian Restaurant

Enjoyment is inevitable when Italian flavors that will make you say “Mamma Mia!” are combined with the magnificent view. We recommend that you make a reservation at our restaurant.

A La Carte Fish Restaurant

Enjoy the unique taste of deep blue depths accompanied by the sea view in our restaurant, which includes the freshest and most delicious seafood of the Aegean in its menu.

Monachus Bar-Cafe

Monachus Bar-Cafe, where you can sip your delicious cocktails all day long and feel like you are in Bodrum with the magic of the sea view, is located on our third floor.

Snack Bar

Our fast food restaurant, which attracts attention with its rich menu, is at your service all day long by the pool. The Snack Bar, which opens at 10:00, is at your service with beverage service throughout the day, while our delicious fast food products continue to be served between 11:00 and 17:00. We recommend that you do not miss our Tea Time, which is enlivened with our delicious treats between 17:00 and 18:00.

Sahil Cafe&Bar

Sahil Cafe & Bar is at your service to increase your sea pleasure at our Blue Flag beach.

In addition to beer and soft drinks between 10:00 – 17:00 and delicious cocktails prepared with imported drinks that will be charged extra, we continue to serve pita and lahmacun (Turkish pizza) between 12:00 – 17:00 for our guests who do not want to end their beach pleasure.